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Yume - KosmosYume, the Japanese word for "Dream" is the collective of sites behind the player of Kalasin. It may be unfair to start this page with this brilliant designer's works, but this is definitely one site not to be missed by fans of the internet.
Mob MentalityLothe finally managed to get his own site - Mob Mentality - up, which accepts all kinds of writings, not related to Dark Ages and which is hosted by Nokel Poriash
Crystal Mora - Elfwood ArtYou may know this lady better as MorriganNyte, but here she showcases her awesome drawing powers (she did win an Art Contest for DA) at Elfwood's Gallery. is, as you may have guessed the personal website of Thao, showcasing even more of her beautiful art.
Amanda Oldring ArtAnd another Elfwood Artist, with a antropomorphic twist is my own dear adopted daughter Aurica or Deedlitt, depends on who you are asking ;).
Library at ElfwoodLet's welcome our first writer in the Elfwood Libraries: the Malenroh siblings (Nazashanna, Facade) are presenting their fantasy stories.
Glioca.orgCliona now mainly uses the site as a weblog, but you can still find the old site there ((You want to know more about the godess of love? Well here is a site that connects her meaning in Temuair and real life, written by the eminent researcher Cliona Malkier al`Fae. will give you the philosophical background to the daily prayers for help.)) UPDATE
Marie Lim ArtSweetBeauty no longer visits Temuair, but her art remains in Elfwood and she keeps on creating beautiful fantasy art.

RoguecreativeRoguecreative showcases the webdesign talents of the ever popular Viriane. So if you need a website designed, go ahead and give her a holler.

SpellboundKatrionah used to have one of the prettiest Temuair websites anywhere, but nowadays time constraints only leave space for some very beautiful fanfiction.
Memory for YouAnd - blowing my own horn - my current obsession is Fruits Basket, the anime, and attempting to learn to blog, which Memory for You is all about.  

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