Interesting Anime or Manga (Art) Pages

Disclaimer: I am not an artist myself. These are just pages I enjoy and think others might enjoy, too. If you have some good tips for me, which do not repeat themes that I already cover on this page, send me the link, please :D

(e = english, j = japanese)

Q: What happens if I want to read some of those Japanese sites, and I can't read Japanese?
A: well then you visit this page and enter the url and click on the second button below the form and then on the orangeframed enter button at the end and hey presto, you get one of the best japanese-english websoftware translations which beats babelfish hands down.

Well of SoulsWell of Souls hosts the personal pages of quite a few gifted french manga artists, who offer their pages in English as well. Browse and enjoy! (e)
MegaTokyo - Manga Comic As Lothe pointed out, it doesn't do to forget the most popular Online Manga Comic on the Net, to be found at (e)
Ochi! Dokutoku.netOchi!, and the whole Dokutoku-Network have some great art on their Paintboard BBS . Hats off to these creative siblings. (e) Anime DreamAnimedream presents you Anime-Info courtesy of the same fancrew as They have lots of beautiful Anime-Wallpapers too :D (e)
AnimefringeVery hip Anime Online magazine, lots of reviews and specials, organized like a print issue: Animefringe. (e)
Wing Zero DimensionsJust the most beautiful Anime/Manga Winamp Skins you will ever find on the net, I believe: Wing Zero Dimensions. And none of those Skinmaker skins, like mine :). Hats off! (e)
LullabyThis is where I met Feena, editor at the first time, with her artwork on this incredible former printed fanmanga magazine, which has since been discontinued. But you will still find the most beautiful artwork, although they took down their download-section, from the french ladies at Lullaby. (e)
eManga onlineAnother Kodansha site, this time in Japanese, is their monthly electronic manga site, where you can browse through their most current manga infos. (j)
MangazooMangazoo is a great place to read about new Anime that are just being developed and get the first screenshots or chara art. (j)
Lijakas Shoujo Anime and Manga sites offer translations and infos about not so well known shojo works :) (e)
KodanclubKodanclub is the official english language site for the Japanese Manga publisher Kodansha and interesting to see what might come west soon. (e)
TangleTangle is the current labor of love by Gaelle (of Lullaby), you can even get the manga in English it seems. They have a very pretty site about the story, with wallpapers etc. here. (e)
Tron plus Station
You like Kia Asamiya? Silent Moebius or Nadesico? Well this is the official website for him and his friend Michitaka Kikuchi. (j)
Tatoomcity - the artist behind the  new chara look on the DA website Yi Lee's Tatoomcity showcases the Korean artist who did all the nice characters you now see when you open the DA client, he also did the charas you saw on the flash version of the DA homepage and the wallpapers. His other stuff is really good, too ^^. (k)

Aislings on the Net

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