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Winamp Skins by Aisling Spark

If anyone else out there is working on something Temuair-Themed and doesn't want to go to the trouble of making his own website for it to be downloaded, please do send me your efforts, I would happily offer them from here. Any feedback on this service idea or on the skins is very welcome as well *grins*.


Download AS_Arne Winamp Skin
Well, here it is: my first attempt at a new service, which hopefully won't be the last. I fumbled around with the first Winamp Skin by Aisling Spark ever, and I think it went quite well - even if I can't really paint. If you like the preview on the right, you can download the skin underneath. It already has a .zip-extension, but just save it to your /winamp/skins/ - directory and you should be able to choose it.

Download ASh_Pashura Winamp Skin with cursors

There are two versions of the Pashura-skin that are fundamentally the same, but one has her name horizontally on top of the skin and one has it vertically down the side - as you can see that one is better readable even in thumbnail form.
You just have to pick your personal favourite :). The actual picture-quality of the skin is much better than these previews, though.

Download ASv_Pashura Winamp Skin with cursors

Actual Copyright of the Artists:

Of course, Anime-Fans will realize that Arne is based on Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi © Watase Yu. I am definitely not claiming copyright for her incredible work, just for the adaptation and this skin.

The lovely female that so reminded me of Pashura is actually Shelly Godwin from the forthcoming PS2-RPG Xenosaga by Monolith Soft, who of course have the copyright to the face

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