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March 2003

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Fuzzy Contender 1:
Isahn Le Opeth and Lost at Sea

Lost at sea

As the waves bring my winter song
As the tide brings my high
Rushed are my desires for better days
In tidal crash lies my strength to be

Out to deeper waters, I gaze
In the finite vastness, hark, a haze
My dreams mirage before these eyes
And all manifested has color and looks happily
'tis my emerald maiden, once again, calling for me

O! How many a time have I dove for her in sarong
Swam against storm and tide to find nigh
Yet still I would swim with ye in the liquid maze
To become lost with ye to imagine tomorrow, what I might see.

Isahn LeOpeth

Fuzzy Contender 2:
Roxy Windfire and A rogue's lament

A Rogue's Lament, by Roxy Windfire

When on the hunt, I serve best in the lead,
So please try not to wander in my way,
I'll serve the monsters up like a buffet,
Just let me guide them over, this I plead.

Do not ask for "ele" 'til I'm through,
I always have another thing to taunt,
When they are blind, I'll do whate'er you want,
But I must lead them or they'll head for you.

If creatures that were blind begin to see,
And chase the silly wiz for casting sal,
Let him come to me where blind snares fall,
Instead of running off away from me.

When off the hunt, I have no vote to spare,
I don't have time these four Temuairian days,
I'm often free to help in other ways,
But other skills preclude me styling hair.

That I'm a bitter rogue, I never meant,
I love the many skills, we get to learn,
But someday I'll have spells to shock and burn,
And then I'll write "A Wizardess Lament"



Fuzzy Contender 3:
Andoch with Sympathy for a Goblin


History is written
in blood, on sands of time
Amidst the waste of warfare
powers rise from the dislimn

Legends of our heroes,
in times like these are made
For the legends ring out louder
when clang of battle fades

They may be kings and princes
or even gods who chart the course
The winner basks in glory
the loser, in remorse

Whether Tenes and Ainmeal
or even Chadul and Danaan
the fate of Aislings rest
upon whose side has won

Again, a war's upon us
this time Goblins are the foe
but the point disputed, hidden
unlike wars long ago

Oh, some will fight for valor,
for glory, or for fame
But between men and goblin
these desires are the same

No one wages warfare
expecting a defeat
for war is a contention
of ideas 'ere we meet

Have any ever wondered
WHY goblins roam the land?
for I'm sure they did not come
to be slaughtered by our hand

Now goblins are dim-witted
they steer a direct course
and now they are a-camping
on the field outside Loures

And Loures has joined the battle,
enlisting Aisling aid
with no prize but survival
and the stuff of heroes made

Now, goblins were created
by desp'rate alchemists
to fight excess dubhamid
not ally with their lists

All creatures desire freedom
and the chance to plot their course
Is this what brings the goblins
to open war with Loures?

The war of light and darkness
wages on, in Aisling soul
perhaps we ought consider
who really is the ghoul?

For war and devastation
destruction and greed
are all the resource
Chadul needs to succeed

So 'ere ye arm for combat
be it goblinkind or mouse
remember: bones of vanquished
are with what ye build yer house.


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