This is an old and rather fun contest which I introduced way back in Deoch 11, when I started what used to be Aislingan Àraidh and is now Aisling Spark. You all know yourselves how depressing and downright nasty or just boring some of the community board content in Mileth and Rucesion can be: this challenge is asking for you true Aislings out there to use your spark occasionally to post something fuzzy:

What is fuzzy? I hear you ask. Well, any post that is funny, warm, positive, self-ironeous, sarcastic in a funny way, romantic, sad, zany, artistic, gooey - to summarize: any post that makes you smile in a sympathetic way, when you read it or look at it.

I normally pick three of the posts I collect in my time in Temuair and post them here and let you visitors out there vote, but I am sure you know by now that my time in Temuair has become ever more limited. I would love it if you Aislings would send me some of the posts that you found especially fuzzy for this challenge yourself (I'd credit the sender below the entry), so there would be new fodder for the Fuzzy Challenge.

FIRST read the Fuzzy Contenders here


March 2003

The winners of each fortnight's Fuzzy Challenge go into the Fuzzy Winner Archives (which I will hopefully not lose a second time :P) and stay there to be enjoyed by everyone.
Fuzzy Challenge March 03

Whose fuzziest in March 2003?

Isahn Le Opeth
Roxy Windfire

(One Vote per Day)
Now of course you can also WIN something, if you are the Fuzzy Challenge-Winner: I built a tiny little button - which you can do with what you like - that you could, for example, integrate into your website. Each button is individually fit to the Challenge, so copying is useless. Here's a quick preview:
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