Fuzzy Winner for first fortnight of April 2002

Fremin Kendris with Wizard Tutor

Wizard Tutor

-Are you a wizard?

-Are you still deciding your element?

-Do you need a guide?

-Do you have general questions on being a wizard?

Look no further! This wizened pure master sal sage is here for you. Let my deochs of experience go to work for you.

What you can learn:

- How to not be a "fas machine"

- Overcoming path delimas

- Single vs. duo vs. dark

- Gar spells, are they worth it?

- And much, much more!

Act now as seats are filling up fast. Student positions are limited. For those that sign up full time, I offer a competitive run down of your abilities and how to become a better wizard.

Adivce over whisper is always free. Becoming a student means you must pay with sweat of your brow and time spent away from hunting. No money please!

Fremin Kendris
The Unseeliest


Prices and limitation subject to change without notice. All rights reserved. Copyright Deoch 26.

Fuzzy Winner for second fortnight of April 2002

Taurlos and I'd say something about Valentines...

I'd say something about Valentines

But... due to an unfortunate bet... I will never marry anyone till Deoch 44.

I guess, it's not that far off. @.@


Fuzzy Winner for May 2002

Anduin Lunar and The best topic ever

The best topic ever

Whats better!

Mastering Chicken

Or subbing from Chicken to Turkey!!!!!!

Ms.X says she would MUCH rather master Chicken. Why would anyone wanna sub turkey!?

Ms.Z says I wanna sub turkey cause i want more skills and spells, why would anyone just master Chicken!?

Mr.W says he subbed so he could own in the arena

Mr.Y said he mastered cause he didnt want the pain of a different class

Little Ms. A comes in and says you all sound so stupid arguing I would sub horsey!!!!

And then they all subbed horsey and lived happily ever after o.o

Moral of the story: Cr doesnt give cancer, cheese does!!!!!


~Anduin Lunar~
Always something pointlessly intresting to say >.@

Fuzzy Winner for June 2002

Kedian with Wizard seeks Hot Priest Action

Wizard seeks Hot Priest Action

Name : Kedian
Age : Older than you

Wizard seeks young, nubile priest for orgiastic ritual shamanism to awaken deadened elder gods. Applicants must be open minded, preferably a member of the Deoch or Luathan trinities. Taxidermists and spider-eye collectors especially welcome! Must share a love of vivisection, cruelty to fluffy animals, love of black clothing, collecting Conix, the wish to inflict everlasting madness and insanity on the rest of humanity for one's own personal enlightenment. Aosdic language fluency a plus! No weirdos.

Apply in person at 1 Runic Way, Rucesion, Loures Kingdom, 1ZW 98F, and bring a friend.


Fuzzy Winner for July 2002

Erynn and Suggestion for the town of Rucesion

Suggestion for the town of Rucesion

Dear town of Rucesion,

I have a suggestion for the town. Hmmm... well, I am sure some of my Rucesion fellows will understand me. *grins*

I, being a single man, do not have a little family to take care of, nor anyone to take care of me. Thus some chores, such as armor washing, occurs once every few Deoches, but the result is about the same as never... *smells self* Aye, I'd need to wash those Penta robes in Undine soon... But I do not know how to do this, really. I suggest a new business in Rucesion. A... *dun dun dunnnnnnn*... laundromat! A small place could be set up and some aislings could actually make a living by washing the armors of all of us who can not do this task very frequently. Could ye imagine a pine-fresh smelling hunting group down in the Chtonic Realms?

Please support the idea, and vote me mayor of Rucesion, for I am always eager to make suggestions for the town!

~ Erynn, humble and smelly priest of Fiosachd

Naze with New peasant clothes?

New peasant clothes?

..'Twould be a glorious day indeed.. Where's that letter I wrote long ago? Ah.. Here it is..

Having grown tired of wearing the same old causal orange blouse for several Deochs now, I went to the local tailor and asked him if he could dye the simple fabric some other shade, as he had done so often for battle armors. The mundane stared at me as if I were asking him to turn the blouse to gold and told me that this was simply not possible.

When I asked him why this was so, he replied that there was simply no call for such a thing. Most Aislings, he told me, cast off their meager peasant garb when they choose their path in life. I told him how absurd that was, that I have seen countless Aislings of all circles and all paths wearing casual dress when not in the heat of battle. The mundane quickly dismissed such and ushered me out of his shop.

I have come to think upon this some more, and I cannot fathom why the peasant garments cannot be tailored to the various regions of Temuair. It simply makes no sense. Why cannot there be a pink shirt for the great warrior to show his softer side? Why cannot female Aislings better coordinate their blouse with their hair and accessories? Why do the various regions alter thier political uniforms, but not the raiment of their peasantry? Why must all brides be forced to wear the same dress? Why, oh why, is a bride allowed to wear white for her second wedding?

Why should this be? What great power decided that new clothing is only to be had by Aislings of certain paths at the very highest insights, instead of new clothing to be had by all at any insight. Perhaps we should encourage the mundanes to be creative not just for the few, but for all. Peasant garments are an asset all Aislings of Temuair share, and it is far too small an asset. We should let the mundanes know we would like to see more casual clothing so that all Aislings may benefit, not just the privelidged few.


Fuzzy Winners for August 2002

Both with 127 votes each!

Ukkyo Kuonji and Down with Oren Jewelry Shopkeeper

Down With Oren Jeawlry Shopkeeper!

This is a protest post!

The lady who just opened her shop in Oren has flew off her handle! She sends aisling after aisling into the jungle just to bludget to near death floppies with sticks! And not just ANY floppie, mind you; it MUST be a gold one! Ladies and gentlemen, it is my belief that this cruel shopkeeper wants those poor animals to suffer as much as they can before you turn them in to her. During the night, I'm positive that cruel mundane skins them all to make outfits for herself!

Do not fall prey to her evil intentions; she must be stopped at all costs!

This has been your Psychotic Okonomiyaki Chef Ukkyo Kuonji, good day.

Ukkyo Kuonji

Serra with Tin Can Discrimination

Tin Can Discrimination

I have some very very solemn news to tell all aislings of Temuair. Do you know that the word "tin can" is HERESY?!

YESS!!! The guards call TIN CAN HERESY!!!! They don't allow such things as "u" "k" "ur", that's fine. But they crossed the line about TIN CANS!!! And they jokingly say the "respective" name is: "Holy Toque!"

This is an extremely serious issue here. We all know that Tin Cans are Tin Cans. And not some silly made up HOLY TOQUE! I can't even pronounce it! Are they trying to destroy the word TIN CAN?!

I must notify you, my mother and father were very very proud of the word Tin Can. And my grandparents used to advice me: "Girl, there comes a time you will feel the urge to wear a Tin Can. Now this is nothing to be ashamed of. This is just a human urge to wear tin cans. Do not supress it. Instead, wear it and remember that this tin can was handed down many many generations. Treasure it and never ever have any doubt of the Tin Can."

And what are they doing?! They are telling me, my tin can is heresy!!!! My pride, my honor, my dignity, is HERESY?! What will Mileth come to?! Next thing I know, we'll have to BUY oxygen!!!! Now here, I felt extreme loyalty to the tin can I have worn for deoches. So I started yelling at the top of my lungs: "TIN CAN! TIN CAN! TIN CAN!" And had to be dragged out from Mileth by a exasperated Gliocan Priestess. After that, I held a conversation between the goblins of East Woodlands and demanded if they would ever let ANYONE insult their helmets.

Goblin A: "I certainly wouldn't! What would my family say if they see me without my tin can?!"
Goblin B: "Cruel! Totally shocking! I'm going on petition!"

So all TIN CAN LOVERS!!! Arise from your seats and lead a community of tin can lovers! Arise, oh arise!!!! Lead Temuair into the new age of Tin Cans!!! BLESS THE TIN CANS!!!!!!

Sanely Challenged Mold and Tin Can Lover.

Fuzzy Winners for September 2002 to February 2003

Gabrel and By Example, you must lead

By Example, you must lead

Late this evening, my companions and I found ourselves amidst great boredom. It was then that I suggested we journey to the arena to watch some sport, while we carried on our conversation. Soon after we arrived we had a rather large audience around us, who seemed amazed at the degree in which we were speaking. It was as if they had never heard such a language. In the beginning, they were making demands for aite/fas, and even asked one of the priests to give them his arm. But amazingly enough, it was not long after that the arena dwellers began to speak in full words and sometimes even sentences, replacing their term "plz" with please. We had heard that these types of arena dwellers are fond of harassing those to choose to speak in proper form, yet we found none of these. In fact, we were astonished to find that they accepted us, although somewhat scared at first and they even decided to join in our ways. I am very pleased to note that my companions were not taunted or killed off for until we had made an end of our visit to the arena.

((Thanks to Tormod, Shiroto, Lybrae and Westonaire for this experiment. Also thanks to Crasher, Weakest, Ashleyriot, Zerx, Tyrant, Rierdann, Taliess, Odia, and Posin for accepting us, and in some cases joining us in our role playing.

Role-Play and they will join you. And if you are ever bored, Role playing in the arena can be a rather enjoyable time.))


Fuzzy Challenge

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