Unseelie Court

Unseelie Court is the motley that Arne Gustaf Swanberg inherited from Kugan. He wasn't official guild leader till Deoch 13, when we had to disband and to reform to make it official, as the mundanes could not change it otherwise. Currently the 'Seelies are in much the same situation, as Arne left Temuair in Deoch 24 and is not returning.

I left the actual motley in Deoch 14 myself, over some concept differences, but that doesn't negate the fact that UC is still one of the nicest guilds around (well the members are - and since I had founded the Unseelie Court Mailing List just a bit before then, I kept it up and it is even now going strong, with some 30 members made up of Unseelies, Ex-Unseelies). One of the most shining examples of Unseelies in their natural habitat was Arne's and mine wedding. So if you have the patience for long texts, drop by our experiences :D

Unique Aislings

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