Tuatha de Deo - Poetry Reading 2nd Mileth Fair

(organised by Valvalis on behalf of Tuatha de Deo - December 2002) 

Rowena, Admiration of the Storms
Valvalis, Full Circle
Duplico, Poem
Lothe, For a little girl lost in the woods
Hotaru, My Scaffold
Cliona, Burning Time
Aerieus, Aisling
Bludlust, Young
Arilin, To Lady Mori / Living In The Mountains
WindyRunes, A new star lights the sky
StrangeHunta, Poem ((ooc))
Duplico, Famous Last Words
WindyRunes, Dreams
Urdoomed, Winter in Suomi
Valvalis, Grass Green
Laheth, The Silent Nights of Christmas ((ooc))

*clears her throat* Before I begin, I'd like to note...
This poem is dedicated to someone, of whom I am insistent on bringing into the spotlight... It is entitled,"Admiration of the Storms" and I am giving it to someone whom -insists- that he is not admired nor needed in Temuair. You know who you are. *clears her throat*

Admiration of the Storms.

He watches me, that man,
the one with the lightless cloud-grey eyes
and sturdy form hidden under sunset-colored robes.
He does not see me at all,
the small girl securely clung to his icy arm.

He speaks not to me, but to the distance,
his voice quiet, toned to rival the thunders -
a thousand and four musical notations
permanently recorded in my brain.

Dark-gloss hair blends with the Dubhaimid winds and
shames the ravens' wings, and silver-lined promises.
What a curse, that metamorphoses his mind to
deem himself old and decrepit- nauseating sentence.
Insight cannot be, but a skeptical concept
whose antediluvian influences posses each vertebrae
from the nape of neck to the curve of hip.

Yet, I accompany him now,
a young maid of placid looks and faded voices
and unable to compare to the silk-lined entity
who exists beside me -
beautiful God of Storms in mortal form.

~ Rowena

Well... I was going to start with a different poem. However. I wanted Etienne to be here for it, so I'll read that one later. :P And by the way. Just because I host the poetry event does not mean that I am good at poetry. ^-^
Okey, here goes. This poem, was written as a sequel to a poem that I wrote for the last fair, which was titled "Inner Fire-- Here Comes the Sun". This is called "Full Circle." *clears throat*

Brilliant white light
This is the spirit that moves us
This is the meaning of life
For those that try.

Calm yourself now
Nothing is there for the taking
Nothing is what we allow
And don't ask why.

An ocean of air
So far away in my mind
So far away yet so near
These tears I cry.

Bury the truth
Everything will disappear
Everything I want to do
Before I die.

I'm paralyzed here
Now the past has conquered
Now the future is clear
And thin like glass.

Hide behind love
No one will drag you down below
No one will help from above
As the days pass.

Fall to your knees
Sustain thy life with water
Sustain the autumn leaves
Covering the grass.

Hunger and thirst
Every night is a rainstorm
Every day is your first
And your last.

Callow and afraid
There is a reason for all of this
There is a choice to be made
Laid on the line.

Strengthen my will
I alone share the knowledge
I alone shall fulfill
What I define.

Subtle blue glow
The sun has come full circle
The sun smiles on the snow
With a shine.

Distract from our lives
Out from under the covers
Out from under your eyes
And into mine.

Out of sight
Morning is falling beneath me
Morning is turning to night
Once again.

Defend the attack
Go now and sleep till tommorrow
Go now and never come back
Here my friend.

Below and beyond
Now let your life slip far away
Now there's no need to respond
Or attend.

Say goodnight
There is no cloudy heaven
There is no wrong or right
In the end.

Fire and Ice
Strike myself with luminescence
Strike my self not once or twice
But forever.

Cursed red
Dark is the cloud upon me
Dark are the words that are said
Oh so clever.

Unknown to all
Grace is the gift I've been given
Grace is from where I shall fall
On my endeavor.

Blade of a knife
Sleep with my hand on the metal
Sleep for the rest of my life
Through the never.

Within a dream
Hazy the radiance before my eyes
Hazy the yellow-white gleam
Of midnight dawn.

Now and again
Fate will not let me leave this place
Fate fill not let me go as
They laud and fawn.

Ensconced in blue
Mesmerized by what I see
Mesmerized by what you do
Now far withdrawn.

Sleep under the ring
This does not mean much to me
This will not mean anything
Until it's gone.

*nods head*~ Valvalis

*puts away the balloon* This is a serious poem. *serious face* *eyes glow red* Shushies!
I shan't tell my poem until there is shushness! *raises hand* And I swear, I'm not stalling so I get
more time on the stage* Okay.
This is one of my first attempts at a poem that tells a little story. I told a bit of it at Rowena's and Val's mass a few days ago, but it's better now. *ahem*

Quiet, quiet, through the night
The elder walks who bears the Light.
Silent, silent, in the dark:
He walks on 'ere he makes his mark.

Village, village, up ahead
Apprentice sends he in his stead
Clear, clear, rings reply
"What you say is to fates defy!"

Faster, faster, march away,
They denied the means to keep Dark at bay.
Teacher, student close at hand
This nemesis against, they make no stand.

Village to village, kingdom through
Gifts they take: Light and virtue true.
A village accepting may survive
From the horror that will imbibe.

And through the lands they walk and run
A village saved, two more undone.
The box he has, nearly empty now
All but fulfilled, his solemn vow

The final village is nearby
but from it evil makes them fly.
Yet the elder stops, and turns away
"No more!" he says, to his own dismay.

The two run, with a purpose new
To a village Light did not embew
And with their box they stand and fight
They forced the Darkness into flight
And with their box they stand and fight,
And by the Light, did win the night.


~ Duplico

Wow, you all look so tiny from up here. Like little ants!
OKay~ I will read "An Ode to My Polyp Puppet, by Lothe al'Varia". Oh wait... No I won't. Sorry, the REAL poem now. hee. I'm afraid to read it, 'cause after all those... my stuff is awful ^.^ But! I shall forge ahead! I will read"For A Little Girl Lost in the Woods". It begins, "all of you shut up now" :D

I. Journey

Advice for you:
Don't forget where you're going
Don't forget where you started

Always remember you're loved.

II. Opposition

Advice for you:
Keep yourself in mind
Make your choice firmly, and act on it

Always remember you're loved.

III. The Path of Pins

Advice for you:
Sharp, but your feet will be the better for it
Hurry, but don't rush

Always remember you're loved.

IV. The Path of Needles

Advice for you:
Still sharp, no more or less so than the pins
Others may come before or after you

Always remember you're loved.

V. Arrival

Advice for you:
Knock before entering
Think with your mind as well as your eyes

Always remember you're loved.

VI. Trickery

Advice for you:
Those whom you love will sometimes disappear
Question all and all things

Always remember you're loved.

VII. Revelation

Advice for you:
Those whom you love will sometimes disappear
Remain secure in yourself even in the face of adversity
Wolves may be dogs, but men can be worse.

Always remember you're loved.

~ Lothe

*throws an egg at lothe* Hookay..let me see..*Searches around her bag for a parchment* This one is called, "My Scaffold". By my sister Rowena, since I lack poetic talent.

I stand on the worn Rucesion docks,
Opt to be the decorator statue
Or model citizen.
My calloused feet uncinciously grope
the salty stone, my shoe's absent of the
burden known as my body.

"Why?" Why anything?
I am a classless servent goddess..
with a tattered gown
and immaculately polished staff
a sign of status

A diamond necklace wraps itself around my neck
my hair permanently tangled with time
and bristly sea-view air.

The salty winds have relieved my eyes
of any moisture.
my irises two amythest stones
denied of any life force
im not desirable
my thin, gangly bones void of nutrients
and barely able to allow the fabric
of my dress to remain hung off me,
and my aura hovers outside my skin
in wait to devour any good-naturedness
that may have the misfortune to stand
by my withered figure.
time is a scaffold
of where I stand presented
before the changing dimensions.

The public is my executioner
of whom wasted seconds and minutes
instead of moldy tomatoes and decrepit onions
are thrown in my direction
with very accurate aim

I am hung with the hands of a ticking clock
wrapped tightly around my jugular,
ready to throttle the life out of me.

*Rolls up the parchment and puts it back in her bag*
~ Hotaru

wheeee! Excuse me. :) *dribbles* Wow. Hi everybody. So, alright.... Poem time."Burning Time"

Crackle beneath bubbling cauldron
tended by grandmother.
Potato, rosemary, blood
hearty stew with bread to dip -
warm thick juice dribbles from bearded lip.
Beads of sweat on naked brow,
baughter pounds the grain to flour.
Black-furred mother purrs
tender to her little ones, licking
rogue strokes against
small and folded ears.
Come the drying leaves of drought
small hard potatoes burn cauldron bottom,
herbs fragrant scent come night,
prayer to the mother for rain.
as flames reach high
licking rouge strokes like mother
cat upon the skin of daughter
comforting child as smoke rises, crackling,
bringing Goddess prayer to heavens.

That's all.
Yay me!

Ok well you guys sure are hard to follow however i shall endevor to entertain you.
This poem is called "Aisling"

Lightning Flash and Thunder sound
the sounds of Chaos all around
The winds howl and the trees bend
The rains pour and rivers blend

The torrents of chaos the rivers rush
An Aisling in torment the Sgrios touch
The Lord of the Dead his decay all around
His part of the cycle he has found
The light flashes a peasant no more
The Aisling is guided through the temple door
A helping guide to the temple he goes
The temple of choosing where all aslings go
The Aisling is guided
A path he must choose
A warriors sword
A priest wound to soothe

The Gods of Temuair
a part to play
Glioca compassion
Sgrios Decay
Cail of the land
His father Ceannlaidir
brings war to the land
Deoch is fire his flame burning bright
Gramail sends laws to make things right

A Priest, a warrior a mage a rogue
A monk and a peasant from days of old
Each as an aisling has an Important part to play
A sword, a spell, a trap , a strike
A priest with a prayer to heal all in sight

Such is the way and Aisling life goes
To bring hope and kindness in a land full of woes
To carry on quests, and help those in need
With the will of the Gods and of those who heed

** bows**

my turn already huuh, well, lets see. I guess I should tell you all This is going to be short
Because I am saying it as I think it. It is my feeling of this day.. into.. a RHYME feel free to toss these at me and now we begin "young"

Remember the time
when to you all was new
Not a coin to your name
Not a shirt not a shoe
Your feet sink in the dirt
As you walk around town
Searching the buildings
For some pants or a gown
The young ones, they say
Are a waste and a pain
This I say to you
"To be young is to gain"
But what happens to you
when you are all out of luck?
When you lose all you own
and your more than a bit stuck
You, my friend,
Are young once again
The life you have lived
It will now just begin
Two times a life
Too much for one soul
to rebuild your own life,
is two times too old
This day for me
has been a sad one
but for you who just heard this
know how a life is begun

~ BludLust

Ok as I am really not good at poetry I read the works of people who are better at this. And those who know me from my masses know that one story is never enough for me so I brought 2 short poems. The first is from a monk named Ikkyu to his mistress.

To Lady Mori

To Lady Mori with deepest gratitude and thanks
The tree was barren of leaves, but you brought a new spring
long green sprouts, verdant flowers, fresh promise.
Mori if I ever forget my profund gratitude to you
let me burn in hell forever.

The other one is called Living in the mountains

I've got a little picture in my mind of a clean and quiet place
Everywhere you look it's completly natural.
The house is made of plaited rushes.
There's a good half-acre for growing tubes and flowers.
Beautiful birds perch on cliffs.
That encases a few clouds that hang around green peaks.
The world's red dust won't be able to get up here.
Single elegance is better than saintliness or spirituality.

These were the two poems, thank you for listening.
~ Arilin

0.o hi all. I made a poem for Valval but its not polished yet so excuse me ((busy :p)) here goes
Its titled "A new star lights the sky"

I sing the praise
The praise of a new star
The new star that recently lit the sky
The star whose light exudes love and compassion
From the timeless vault of heaven
Touching the souls of aislings
The philosophy of her priesthood
The bane of false priesthood
Valvalis is the name
I sing the praise
For her and only her

Thank you ^^
hehe not polished tho
thank you
~ WindyRunes

how are you all, well im gonna start now. its pretty stupid, alrite
im starting now quiet or ill throw food at you

you walk through mileth and see newbs spam
you die and see sgrios eating his ham
guards are trying to stop hersay and crime
but how can they when they dont have the time
you see the hottest person in your life
but you find out he or she has a husband or wife
i'd look foward to fortune and fame
but its hard enough for people to remember my name
but if i had a job id waste all my wages
to spend all my days playing dark ages

~ StrangeHunta

*applause as he leaps onto the stage** glares icily* This one's really short. Megalomaniac on the stage here who demands total shut-upness: Meanwhile, back in the jungle, Dupi was introducing his silly little poem. A wise man ((Johann Christoph Fredrich von Schiller, 1775-1854)) He wrote: "When wine goes in, strange things come out." That's the story of this poem. ((This was an entry for the Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds poetry revel, on the topic of "Last Words", rewritten to fit Dark Ages.))

Famous Last Words:

It's not so hard to guess
What many people say
Before their death meets them
In a most unpleasant way.

But if opposed to guessing,
or you simply are too dumb
I'll here name many for you
They are, one by one:

"What are the chances," the first begins,
"of that happening twice?"
Secondly "How much poison can be,"
"in just this little slice?"

"How bad could it be?"
Really speaks for itself.
"I wonder how many knives,"
"will fit on that one shelf..."

Five is quite simply,
"He doesn't look that big!"
Six, explaining to an orc
that he looks like a pig.

"I'm glad that's over"
makes a nice number seven
And finally is one
That sent many to heaven.
Quite simply, it's ordering
What Cian calls "Potion Number Seven"

I hope maybe you've learned
Some things not to say
And that your favorite last words
Won't be laughed at by people who didn't say them and are still alive.

~ Duplico

((Cian being the guy who takes mold, etc, from novices in Mileth, next door to Dar))

Hello. This is another short poem. Its titled "Dreams"

Could I live forever in the dream of Temuair
Reddish sunlight shining on my hair
Cold windy breeze from soumi
Will it ever cool my aisling spark
The spark that breathes life
The spark that created my dream
The dream within my Temuairan dream
The creativity that feeds the dream
The soul that keeps me dreaming
The light that shines
The rainbow that leads to my dream
The dreams of shiny blue robes
The mesmerizing gait and flair that's him
The dream of my spark
The aisling of my dream

Thank you ^^
~ WindyRunes

it's called winter in soumi

"soumi is so cold"
"pinkish noses and redish toes"
"warmed by the fire and slow breezes at night"
"oh' but i dare to put up a fight"
"the darkness of soumi"
"can be a real fright"

thank you
~ urdoomed

Wee. Okay everybody. Well... Like I said last time, I wanted Etienne to be here for this poem, but... Oh well.. And once again I remind you that just because I host this event doesn't mean I'm any good, so be kind. :)
This poem is about my sister. It's also about me, in a way. ((Duh. ^^)) 0_0 Eep. *sweatdrop* This poem... Is called "Grass Green". *blinks* *clears throat*

Time flows in crystalline dreams
Transcending hope, or so it seems
The glass-pool mirror glides and gleams
It shimmers and smirks with lucent beams

Wisdom deep down dangerous
Truth can kill, believe it does
Our warmth is not enough because
The air is cold, and always was

Now and then long gone for me
Ephemeral and refractory
Glorious sunrise; a beauty to see
Ere sleep descends to set me free

Arise, possession; I writhe and reel
It grips me strong and I can feel
A pain with which I cannot deal
This glimpse of light seems so unreal

Abscond into the stars above
The sky abound in cloud and dove
Diffuse glow sparks that sing out of
Disinterest, or the lack thereof

Maiden now, and blinded be
Hiding there in yonder tree
She is I, and I am she
I bequeath this onto thee

I walk as her until the dawn
I stab and twist; I turn and yawn
From somewhere else I have withdrawn
A life that was, but now is gone

Grass green with a propensity
To feign ardent hostility
Hiding laudatory tendencies
Of selfless magnanimity

Ascetic, nihilistic mind
To cut you down and strike you blind
Yet name her not; Do not remind
Of times far gone and left behind

Someday she shall return to Loures
When memory recalls the wars
That burned outside the golden doors
To what was mine, and now is yours

When forgotten every tender crime
The bells will sound out with a chime
To welcome back their lemon-lime
Daughter to remain there for all time

Glory be and love thereafter
Immaculate visage of subtle laughter
Both a student and a master
Her noble face; Her name disaster

Now I speak; I speak to her
Or to myself, if you prefer
To break out of this hazy blur
Things must return to the way they were

A saint assailed suffers dearly
Attack on mind and body merely
Empowers one to see more clearly
And earns God's pity more sincerely

Time flows dull and unexciting
Others cold and uninviting
And yet I still continue writing
When I go down, I'll go down fighting.

~ Valvalis

The Silent Nights Of Christmas

As I lay upon the dreadful snow
Im dying from hunger and starvation
I was standing there with my little toy kitten
I...had no friends, family, or anything
I just only wished that I was healthy and living
I knew my dying state was from frost bite...
so I was chopped in the cold hearted snow
I asked if I may have just $2.00 for some food
nobody would give me a penny
I cared for others
even if they were evil
I prayed for the Gods
I looked at the hard icy ground
there were a candle and some matches
I lit the first match with the candle
a yummy turkey feast was in front of me
when the match struck out
there was pitchdark darkness
I lit the second candle and I saw a Christmas tree
the match went out in the blazing wind
I lit the last match....
And I saw you people here, my family, and friends
"Everyone take me with you" I said
I know how you feel they said
We dont want you to stay in the cold
so they took the little cold girl
into the heavens
as they celabrated Christmas
nobody could figure why the Harsh, Meanless,Gushing cold
wind and snow would hurt them
as they still go on the snowflakes will not be forgoten
as the wicked snow
after the girl died
everyone remembered her in her name

thank you
~ Laheth

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