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Issue 1 | (( August 24th 2001)) | As reported by Shilentha  
  News In Brief
Temple and church qualities rather appalling:
TEMUAIR After checking of the construction of temples and churches, a shocking truth came forth. Most temple displayed bad signs of aging and disrepair. The Mileth church had several cracks in its walls and floor. Sgrios temple was a mess as a pillar was almost broken right through. Temple of Cail and Deoch seemed somewhat neglected but still stabile. Ceannlaidir and Glioca temple both suffered from severe damage to the structural buildup, Glioca temple in particular had a death trap review posted of 76 failures in total.

Dark and light champion:
RUCESION The champions where seen in a local inn, during a late night travel. A maid said they spent the night together but sources cannot be verified. When the mundane inn owner was questioned he said: 'I merely provide service, food and drinks. What people do in their private life is none of my concern, no matter how kinky and sick that may be.' Both parties involved have not responded in the matter and rumor goes the owner of the inn will be sued, if not worse: beheaded.

Loures king develop hurts his hiney:
LOURES The king of Loures developed a a severe case of 'Buttus crackius maximus'. Rumors go that the king was gazing outside and wanted to smell a flower. When he moved a bit, he hurt his back and dropped back into the chair, thereby hurting his rear. The jester had a long laugh and then was seen hurtling through the corridor.

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  Top Story
Nature Studies

Tagor cows in abject terror  
3 dead in freak cow accident:
TAGOR By unknown reason a cow exploded this morning. 2 people, a man and woman, died on the spot by this great explosion. A Rucesion man died some minutes later when the head of the cow dropped on him after being launched all the way from Tagor to Rucesion. Mundanes cleanup crews spent all day cleaning up the mess. Local eccentric has been spotted with alchemy equipment several minutes before the incident.

Top News
Killers in the crypt:

2 children missing after they fell in sewer:

Odds and Ends
Cats dogs wars

Harvest report

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Killers in the crypt:
MILETH Today several Aislings died in the crypt. Whisper goes dark Chadul priest aided in the death of much young Aislings Guards where being murdered and many fell to this coward's act of war. Outrage is screamed as people condemn the dark ways of these cowards.

2 children missing after they fell in sewer:
PIET Jan and Pietro were lost while they checked out the sewer which was still clogged up. Mothers crying in fear as the kids has not been found yet. Massive search actions canceled after the chancellor refused to fund the search.

Cats dogs wars:
New ways where been determined to see if cats could outwit a dog. The dog, stronger and capable of a loud bark, couldn't handle the battle hardened cats, with their claws and high hisses. After a front assault by the dogs, the cats retreated and started casting beag ioc, cradh, srad, sal, creag, athar and even beag punsein+pramh spells on the dogs. Specialist says the dark wizard taught cats the basic of spells, after his little kitty got murdered by a cruel and vicious doberman. Dogs in terror after massive magicka slaughter, pet-healers busy all day.

Harvest report:
Cherry crop looks excellent this Deoch reports the Suomi farmers. Grapes have been doing it somewhat poorly but farmers stay optimistic. Rain is to be suspected and fair weather.

Jester seeks new employer;
Jester male, 28 with 16 years of experience seeks new employer. Prefers regular hours, a happy and joyful employer, with free room and boarding (PS: I prefer to stand, due to a sore behind). Response to 'Sparky the joker' Villagstreet 4, Loures. (next to the tavern 'the drunk bard').
Sumo wrestler seeks fame;
Has years of experience and a strong belly, 400 lbs and going strong. Reply; Akira Shotuzonuba, Undine.
1 spade, preferable new but second hand will do if in good shape. Send a mail to Mundane Harry.
my mace for your club; Replies to Johnny Nogood.
For sale:
- For sale 1 chicken due to marriage, barely used and still lays many eggs. Reply: to Rudolf Steiner, the ditchdigger, free lane 16 Rucesion.
- Selling stillas: Due to quitting collection selling many (some enchanted) stillas; reply: Loures knight.
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