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Issue 4 | (( September 12th 2001)) | As reported by Shilentha  
  News In Brief
Mysterious ghost of a maiden in the Inn:
RUCESION — A mysterious ghost of a young maiden was seen today in the wall of the Rucesion inn. Witnesses saw the spirit, transparent within the brick wall. A witness (Zoei) was stunned and somewhat eerie of the thought. Logath and Jossepy were amazed and quickly fled the scene, as it was so scary.
The spirit was seen for about a hour till it vanished as quick as it had arrived. Rumors echo from the times when the inn of Rucesion had a different purpose. Said to be a grand manor of a noble man or rich merchant. It seemed he bricked up his young daughter after she refused to be married to an ugly, fat rich man. Since then the mysterious ghostly figure appears now and then to cry and call for help.

Man drowns in Rucesion fountain:
RUCESION — Kept secret but finally announced, officials admit that a man drowned in a fountain of Rucesion The man, probably drunk, was for unknown reason wandering naked in the fountain. For some reason he slipped and bumped his head. Probably he passed out and drowned in the shallow water. Officials ask for if perhaps witnesses saw the event, in case of a crime.

Wild dogs run through Tagor:
TAGOR — Large numbers of wild dogs run free through Tagor. For some reason the wild dogs normally living near the Macabre area ran through Tagor in terror for an unknown reason. They messed up the Tagor market, by stealing food, running stands apart and causing havoc and panic throughout the town.

Rogues gazed on with doubt:
TEMUAIR— Rogues wearing the latest Marauder Hides are seen as somewhat odd. Not only cause they claim to be dangerous marauders, but frankly for another aspect: Mundanes feel they walk about with their trousers at their ankles. Shocked by this strange show of fashion, mundanes demand that trousers should be worn and not dragged about around the ankles.
When a real marauder was questioned he says: 'We marauders don't wear our pants at our ankles. This is local traditional wear and we aren't perverts or sick people'. Mundanes pointed out that marauders are said to have raided countless small villages and towns in the far west.

Nigel doesn't care:
RUCESION— The latest mundane Nigel claims he doesn't care about anything at all. He is said to be a prankster, only wanting to get back at his so called 'enemies'. He has been seen scaring the life out of mundanes, when disguised as a goblin he ran around, grunting and growling. Also he stole food from the market and set other mundanes and Aislings up for childish pranks and wicked jokes.
His Rucesion teacher was found pummeled senseless with rotten tomatoes and was obviously shocked at the event. Nigel just looked cool about the event and said 'Eh... Whatever'.

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  Top Story
Social Studies

Unseelies in Abel Tavern  
People drunk generally happier then sober people:
LOURES — A Loures investigation showed that drunk people are generally more happy then sober people. The inspector of this large scale investigation, The Herr Meister Sweinfurt, spent several long deochs exploring the subject. He held great feasts and parties, which large numbers of alcoholic drinks, dancing, singing and said kinky other things. When asked if this so called 'investigation' was nothing more then a silly excuse for spending people's funds on feast, he claimed: 'People saying such rubbish obviously know nothing of the latest studies into social behavior of men'. Still, most people question his personal motives.

Top News
Aislings demand access to new lands and garbs.

Aislings lack discipline and loyalty:

Yellow Pages
Beggar seeks job:

Specialist magician offers services:

Join the Baa Cult

Sales Pages

Aislings demand access to new lands and garbs.
TEMUAIR— Aislings all have come forth wanting new areas to be entered. For now Loures forbids exploring beyond various areas and exploration of new areas. Most Aislings feel entrapped within the local areas now existing and want to expend into foreign territories. Also hearing of various fashion happenings in the far East and beyond, Aislings want new garbs to feature themselves with. Rumors of strange wear called: Bunny-like suit and scarcely dressed swimsuits are rumored to be good for lightening the grim life somewhat more. Temuair has to move out of the dark ages and our men and women need nice clothes, beside the standard combat wear.

Aislings lack discipline and loyalty:
TEMUAIR— Loures claims Aislings lack discipline, reason for this is that barely any Aisling swears allegiance to Loures Even less swear to defend the king to the death or to defend the throne from outside harm. Also said is that they lack discipline as no Aisling is in the Loures army enforcing Loures rule. Loures wishes Aislings to obey their king and follow his law to the letter. Hail to the king of Loures, may he rule forever.

Beggar seeks job:
Beggar, 35 deochs old, seeks easy job, preferable no labor, no activity and well paid. Respond to East Woodlands near the adventurers' board.

Specialist magician offers services:
for parties, feasts and fiestas. Send a quick post to Magico the magician.

Join the Baa cult:
As much food you can eat, free room for your needs, nice red robe and cool looking staff, dagger or blade. All we want is the new way and freedom for everyone. We are kind and worship the grand Baa, as he is the way to salvation. Hail to Baa, lord of glory, peace and the new order.

Selling used animals:
Goats, chickens, sheep, dogs and cattle "Rudolf Steiner inc."
Animal parts and beats guts. Harold's grand food and delicacy shop.
Your old lamp for my torch, still works well, Mileth inn: Jack Beaner
For sale:
Farm house with belonging fields; costs your house in the county. Farmer Wilson.
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